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About Us

Wellcome Piraye Hairdresser

Who Are Us?

“In 2001, I began my career in Ankara, Çankaya. I had the opportunity to work with the master artisans in Ankara of the time.

Working with numerous masters in numerous places of Ankara, and what I acquired from them, both in terms of trades and skill, was quite beneficial and unbelievable experience to me.

My wife Ayça, who is also a colleague, and I met in 2010. For the past eight years, we have been happily married. We moved to Datça, which had long been a goal of ours, and worked for almost a year before establishing Piraye Kuaför (Hairdresser Piraye). We are both enthusiastic about our work and eager to learn more. Ayça's painting abilities enable her to create unique and beautiful eyelash and eyebrow designs.

As Piraye Kuaför (Hairdresser Piraye), we know very well how important and sensitive issue hair, hand, foot and face care for every woman is.

We don't believe in stereotypes; instead, we strive to develop unique colors and hairstyles that reflect the person's attitude, energy, and lifestyle.

Hairdresser Piraye is a boutique salon where you may get the greatest treatment with its high-quality products, welcoming warmth, and cleanliness, all at reasonable pricing. It's a family atmosphere where the focus is on hair health and complete customer happiness, rather than business considerations."